Lumberton's Coup de Gras: Death by Division

"And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand."blockquote>

On this the sixth day of 2017 and the City of Lumberton is more divided than ever. Just when you think the corruption that has plagued this city couldn't sink any lower you discover there's a basement. I've blogged for years and over the years I was called everything except a child of God; people constantly made up stories about me. At one point, there were blogs dedicated to blog about my blog. For years, there's been lies told about me and most of those telling the lies always posted anonymously. Despite how you feel about me, I never had to shield my identity through anonymous posts. Despite all the vitriolic commentary dedicated to speculations about my life, I never assaulted anyone because I knew they were lies. In this county, in this withering town, everyone loves freedom of speech as long as they agree with your speech. I still find it interesting that there's people rallying behind someone who drove a city issued truck, parked in the handicap parking space while on duty to physically attack another person from behind and the elected representatives of the City of Lumberton did not think that was a problem because they don't like the person that was attacked. In addition to being suspended without pay, Danny Davis should have been charged with a parking violation. But this is Lumberton. It's interesting that the Lumberton Board of Alderpersons didn't think physically assaulting someone was grounds for suspension but they didn't hesitate to terminate deputy clerk Melissa Nightengale; I wonder what heinous act warranted her termination?

It's not uncommon to see comments like this posted on various pages. Actually, this is a milder comment. I heard that the Public Works employees are proclaiming Davis as their hero. I heard that one of the workers, who happen to be black, said he was glad Danny beat my ass. I love it when slaves defend their masters; that includes the house slaves that were allowed to sit in the big house and support their masters.

This person subscribe to the ideology that I've been blogging for years in an effort to provoke an assault. if that was the case, and they truly believed the babble they repeat among themselves, then anyone that fell for the trap I was allegedly setting would be rather stupid. Lumberton is plagued with many problems and let me share something with you, it's not the fault of a person blogging. Sorry to disappoint you with facts. The entire city is collapsing and the ones that are supposed to look out for the best interest of the city are not making it better. The school is closing, the industrial park is empty, the bank is no longer a pleasant place to go, the median on Main is horrid because they don't cut they grass anymore they just spray poison, there's a lot of streets roped off with orange and white barrels because of leaks and pot holes, there's corrupt department heads (you heard the video), a corrupt judge, no recreational facilities and the board lacks the courage to raise the millege rate in order to sustain the city from one budget year to the next.

Ron Moore, a former alderman, posted the following:

"...What is going on now is not making Lumberton a better place and is only causing division and destruction...Yes there are wrongs on both sides, but we serve the same Lord, we bleed the same color and we must live in the place that we build here on this earth. Jay, your heart may be in the right place, but you will never help the City of Lumberton with your divisive rhetoric...I pray that you all will come together as one to try and solve the problems of the city, not cause further division."
Interesting observation. I agree...somewhat. First, my rhetoric is not divisive; it's informative. It's going to take a lot of work to lift up the City of Lumberton after this fiasco. We will move forward together or not at all and I think Danny's supporters are fine with the latter. They hate me more than they love this city and it's evident in their reluctance to show that Lumberton can rise above and do the right thing. Look around you people, every other city is growing except Lumberton. You're so bitter about a blog that you can't conduct your business as an elected official in a professional manner. There's those that think they can detract from their shortcomings by focusing on the words of a blogger. Just last month, the board was ready to turn the Public Works Department over to Clear Water Solutions, claiming it was a better service for the City of Lumberton but now the board has crawfished from the deal that would provide better services so they can show their solidarity for Danny. Once again, they're making decisions based on personal agendas instead of professional responsibility. The first board meeting of the year was an eye opener for many that were in attendance. I spoke of the corruption in city hall but people got to see and hear it for themselves. Their eyes were opened and they realized if this board is willing to turn their heads when one citizen is attacked, they will do the same when another citizen is attacked. Those supporting Davis want to use this case to stifle debate and silence my criticism of Lumberton's corrupt system of government. But we will not stand down. Stay safe and I plan on going live today and share another clip from another video I received. If you thought the other video was explosive, wait until I share a snippet of video 2, 3 and 4.


  1. funny how there is now no comments that you dont allow these cowards to post ANONYMOUSLY


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