Dogs Eating From the Master's Table???

Last year, there were rumors about the state of the National Guard Armory. At one meeting, there was speculation that the building was getting sold for $10,000. Calls made to city hall regarding the matter were rather evasive; the clerks would neither confirm or deny the pending sale of the building that was gifted to the City of Lumberton. Besides the rumor mill, there was a sighting of the proposed buyer meeting with Lumberton's city attorney at Dan's in Hattiesburg. At first, I didn't know what was going on but after a little digging I started to wonder why the City of Lumberton didn't give the building to Lamar County since they wanted the building and the City of Lumberton was not able to maintain the facility. After hearing that Kent Crider was itching to sale give away the building for $10,000, I wanted to know why he was so adamant about keeping the building out of the hands of Lamar County but whenever Crider is involved there's probably some under the table deal taking place. Keep in mind that it was Crider that tried to sale give away the Lumberton Hospital for $500. So let's take a look at my theory about the reason why there's such a fight to retain control of the Mayor's chair in Lumberton. Lumberton is a code charter municipality and the mayor does not have a vote, unless it's to break a tie but the Mayor has access to every business looking to open in the City of Lumberton and that's the control they want to retain.

I recently learned that a former mayor cost the City of Lumberton 300 jobs when he insisted that the potential business buy some land from him instead of trying to open in the Cooper building. Sadly, this get all you can and can all you get mentality did not just begin; it's been lurking through the mold infested wall of city hall for years. Let me see if I help you understand the current of corruption that is corroding the City of Lumberton. I think the Lumberton Illumaniti started a long time ago but at some point they realized that they could control the city if they controlled it's government. Whenever a new person comes to church, look at who they gravitate towards and you will generally know the type of person you're dealing with. When Aaron Lott blew into the City of Lumberton, it seem that everything was already planned and the Illumaniti were ready to take over. Prior to becoming Mayor of Lumberton, Lott, who also make claims that he was related to Senator Trent Lott, made it known that he wanted the Movie Star Building and the Lumberton Hospital. I never trusted Aaron Lott because was attached at the hip to Paul Ockmond and Ben Winston. When Dorman Davis made the decision to resign as Mayor, Aaron Lott had his campaign signs lining the streets of Lumberton before sundown. At one of the debates, Paul Ockmond splurged and had a shrimp boil at the community center to get people onboard with their Manchurian Candidate. I guess that was a good investment because Lott eventually got his hands on the Movie Star building but didn't get the opportunity to gain possession of the Lumberton Hospital because the board realized, after the fact, that they were duped but the person that actually duped the City of Lumberton was someone else; Lott was just one of the front men used to cover the hands of the actual shot caller.

The City of Lumberton paid $75,000 to repair the roof on the Movie Star building but sold it for $50,000 and it was later sold by Pelican Investment for $850,00 (give or take a $100,000) After Lott was not able to gain control of the Lumberton Hospital, he resigned as Mayor of Lumberton. He resurfaced after the Movie Star Building was sold. He also showed up again when the formaldehyde trailers were sold near the interstate. The streets of Lumberton are still damaged from the trailers and Ben Winston, who was District 2 Supervisor at the time, fought the City of Lumberton to keep from paying taxes on the sale of the FEMA trailers. At the end of the post, I will let you know who was also the sponsor for the trailer sale. As you can see, the Mayor's chair is tied to a lot of things but for some reason, the City of Lumberton is usually left holding the bag. Let's look at some documents so you can see the people that are connected in the ring of conspiracy.

As you can see, the main people causing problems for the City of Lumberton are interconnected in various business ventures. Interestingly, these are the same people that have/had problems with my blog. I don't know what made me attempt to connect the dots, but the debacle about the National Guard Armory made me think something else was going on. The City of Lumberton turned over the Lumberton Public Library for a whopping dollar and they turned over control of Wood-Hinton Park for free but for some reason, the National Guard Armory was a deal breaker. Throughout the years, the same people that fought against the blog are the same people that fought against the Lumberton Planning and Zoning Committee. There's two reason's why the powers that be don't want a Planning and Zoning Committee is because the members would know the exact names of the businesses planning on locating in Lumberton and would have the ability to research them and their business practices. Also, if the Lumberton Planning and Zoning Committee is disbanded, the Mayor can deny any business he choose to deny because there's no checks and balances. In an effort to keep the deals under the table, the board disbanned the Planning and Zoning Committee and appointed Paul Ockmond. As you can see, he's an integral part of the tapestry of deception. If you could get access to the minutes, you will see that Andrew Beamon is still the "official" building inspector and code enforcer because he was never released from his contract.

There's a lot of digging needed to get to the bottom of pile because it has gone on for so long and people have looked the other way and just shrugged their shoulders. It is my belief that Mayor Miriam Holder was prevented from doing her job because they knew she would eventually discover what was taking place. If you can recall, everyone that got close to uncovering details about the levels of corruption, they were either charged with a crime, voted out or attacked. It happened with Mayor Holder (they tried to have her charged with a felony). They needed to distract her and make her focus on defending her case so she wouldn't have time to connect the dots. When the guy wanted to lease the Movie Star building, he was arrested on a false pretense charge. In an effort to keep me silent, they have filed lawsuits against me and now they have their attack dog filing cases against me; hoping I will become distracted and not continue my investigation. There's a connection that links Aaron Lott, Ben Winston, Paul Ockmond, Bobby Gibson and now your current mayor, Kent Crider. There was another mayor involved in the connection but he's passed away. Interestingly enough, these individuals were also fully engulfed in Lumberton's political scene because they were either elected or appointed officials. It is my belief that the each of the people named here are the dogs eating from the master's table and the master mind behind the scheme to obtain the prime properties in Lumberton is the ever allusive Hensely Lee. Allegedly speaking of course. I've tied the previous and one current employee of Lumberton (Paul Ockmond), now let me tie in Lumberton's current mayor, Kent Crider.

As many of you know, Kent Crider recently opened Trinity Funeral Home in the City of Lumberton. When he moved into the Mississippi Green Built Building, I knew there was a connection that needed further investigation. Prior to opening the funeral home, Crider owned a business called Southern Transit. According to the Secretary of State's website, the addresses for Southern Transit and Trinity Funeral Home are 1009 West Main Avenue, Lumberton, MS 39455 (the residence of Kent Crider) but the website for the Trinity Funeral Home has a photo of the Mississippi Green Built Building. At first, I thought the connection to the building was Aaron Lott but after a little investigation, it was discovered that the MGB building is owned by Hensley Lee; the same person that's allegedly trying to obtain ownership of the Lumberton National Guard Armoy Building; the same person that was allegedly profited from the sale of the Movie Star building and the same person that was allegedly financing the FEMA trailer sales that had Winston and Lott as the front men.

As you can see, I'm not just whistling Dixie. There's a dead cat on the line somewhere but until it's discovered, I will continue to dig. So far, all roads lead back to Hensley Lee. It look like there's a you wash my back I'll wash your plot is taking place. I've searched high and low and have yet to find a lease for the Mississippi Green Built building but if thing's go their way, the National Guard Armory will be a nice return on the favor. It's rumored that Ben Winston and Bobby Gibson are currently working for Hensley R. Lee Contracting Inc. in Louisiana on some cleaning contracts. I wonder if that contract is somehow connected to the dissolved Pelican Investment Group that was listed as the purchaser of the Movie Star Building? The board said they're getting estimates for the National Guard Armory but it will be interesting to see who's behind the corporation looking to purchase the building. In the meantime, I'm going to sit back and see what colors are going to come on the wall and I will continue to dig. Sooner or later, everything done in the dark will come to the light and I keep a flashlight handy.


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