Another Side of Lumberton: Good News

On September 1, 2014, Lumberton Doughnut and Breakfast will be open for business. In anticipation of the grand opening, the blog posts this week will focus on the positive events happening in the City of Lumberton. If you have a good news story you would like to share, please send me a message so I can follow up and post the story. There's a lot of talk that I only focus on the negative. We'll, this is your opportunity to chime in about some positive events Let's see if the numbers match or exceed those for the posts that are deemed negative. Looking for good news and looking forward to the opening of a new business in Lumberton. Ciao!


  1. This is good, Lumberton Family Life Center will be having events for people to come out and watch NFL games this season.

  2. Every time a business opens in that location, Jerry Brown raised the rent and the business is forced to close because they can't make a profit. I will support the business but too much support will eventually lead to closure. welcome to Lumberton!

  3. I don't think your blog is nagative at all, just the truth.

  4. Some WONDERFUL and EXCITING news is all of the changes that are happening in the Lumberton School District. Everyone should come meet the new principal and co-principal, as well as all of the new teachers. Proud Panthers rock!!! You should come to the school and check things out and do a few interviews :)

    1. I plan on going to the Open House on September 11th.

  5. Rent is better than no rent at all Jerry Brown. I will support the new business if it's clean.


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