Delayed Not Denied

Former Lumberton Police Officer, Cassandra Fortenberry-Lumpkins, has been selected to serve as Chief of Police for the City of Prentiss, Mississippi. Some of you may not remember, but Fortenberry-Lumpkins was a dedicated officer in Lumberton but the Oreo Trio (Bobby Gibson, Kent Crider and Timothy Johnson) terminated her and several other good officers to implement their plan to turn control of the LPD to Dennis Hobson and his squad of goons. The city has lost and continue to loose good officers because of politics. I'm glad to see that Chief Cassandra has continued her successful career in law enforcement and has ascended to her rightful spot as Chief of Police. May you continue to grow and prosper.


  1. It's sad to say but she had two factors aganist her black and a female. The Board of Albermen for the city of Lumberton hate both of those. I am happy to see you have moved on and the City of Prentiss is a much better place. Enjoy :)


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