Reminder: Back 2 School Blowout

Don't forget, the Giving Back to the Community Back to School Blowout start today and will end on Saturday, August 2,2014. The event is being held at Tina's Hair Salon and Barbershop. They're offering reduced priced relaxer ($25) for all school age girls, free re-twist of dreads (no starter dreds), free natural hair styling, and free hair cuts. Please come early to ensure you get serviced. Please remember, in order to take advantage of these free and reduced priced services, you must bring a school supply. The supplies will be donated to the local school. Looking forward to a great event.

Tina Holder-Salon Owner/Relaxers

Akeema Taylor- Re-twist of dreds/Natural Styles

Carmen Ward-Natural Styles (Saturday)

Reuben McInnis-Barber

A special thanks to all the volunteers and the management/staff of Ward's of Lumberton for providing free meals to the stylist/volunteers and cookie/school supplies for the clients. This is truly an expression of the love that is shared in the City of Lumberton. Giving back to the community. Together we can make a difference.


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