WTF? Cursing Clerks

Now I would like to interrupt this week of positive posts with a @#$! update. It seems that one of our clerks has had enough and allegedly went on a tirade that allegedly led to the cursing out of an alderman and the abrupt quitting of her jobs. Before you all get overjoyed, I'm sad to inform you that it wasn't Merlene Wall. I am quite certain that most of the people in that office are rather comfortable with the use of profainity; especially when it comes to talks about me and other things they don't approve. But I guess they have become so laxed, that someone forgot they were talking to someone that has a vote that could lead to her termination. Now, it has been alleged that the clerk wanted to recant her verbal resignation and now the matter lies in the hands of the board members. The matter will be addressed tonight in a special called meeting; I'm sure most of the meeting will be behind closed doors. One thing that has stuck out in my mind is the fact that the person was this comfortable speaking in this manner to an alderman. If they are that rude to the elected officials, imagine how they treat the customers. We will see if this board will make excuses for this behavior. See you at the meeting.


  1. :( not Merlene:( :( :(

  2. First of all I would have punched him in the face if he spoke to me in that manner! He may have a vote over her job, but not over her as a human being. If she does so happen to lose that oh so precious job, I have one for her at any moment! I know first hand that the customers are treated with the respect that they give forth. Wouldn't you agree that in most life cases, this is the attitude most of us live by? I know I do. You reap what you sew. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't anything positive that comes out of that pathetic excuse for a city.

    1. If she already had another job what was the point of attending the meeting? Now she's coming off as a disgruntled employee. You kept his secrets before so continue to keep them.


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