That Was Some Piss Poor Reporting

I just finished watching the news and realized why I blog. The only way our story is going to get told is if we tell it. Based on what was aired on WDAM, the Lumberton Police Department is looking for James Youngblood, 34, who's considered armed and dangerous, for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend and child. As Randy Swan went to the next story, I was just sitting there waiting for the rest of the details but there were none. What kind of reporting was that? When the board voted to slash the LPD, WDAM ran the story all night. Is it possible that the assailant got away because of a lack of officers? Was the officer responding to the call working alone? Did the officer call for backup? If so, how long did it take for the backup officer to respond? Seems like legitimate questions to me. Also, at the latest board meeting, Mayor Winston refused to break a tie vote to approve the hiring of one additional policeIofficer. Could that be a factor in the brutal assault of a woman and her child. Since I'm a resident of Lumberton, I know the alleged assailant (we grew up in the same neighborhood) and the fact that the Mayor of Lumberton is his uncle. That's probably something a reporter wouldn't know to ask but somehow, WDAM tried to link every Holder arrested to former Mayor Miriam R. Holder but I guess that was the angle they were working. For some reason, WDAM didn't find it necessary to probe deeper regarding this story. I guess another black woman getting assaulted NY her baby daddy is not a news story worth investigating. I guess the fact that a resident was assaulted and there was only one officer on duty will become a newsworthy when the white, I mean right, victim is assaulted. Until then, I guess there's no connection between response time and capture of the assailant.


  1. My heart breaks for all invoke in this tragic set of events and the point I was trying to make was this should have never happened. The police cannot serve and protect with one arm.tied behind their back. I truly pray for the recovery of the mother and her child. I also hope the accused would turn himself in. I don't know the young lady but I hope someone would convince her to print out a copy of the photos taken after the assault and give the board members so they can realize that their decisions affect lives.

  2. This is just the begining of something bad, lets face it unless it happen to someone white or one of the Board's family member getting hurt nothing will be done. I wonder if two calls came in at the same time but on the different side of town who will get the one officer? I am sure COLOR will play apart in where the one Officer goes. The more things change the more they stay the same. The color of your skin makes a different not only whites but blacks too.

    In speaking of difference I passed the Cemetery up town and the grass was mowed and blowed, it was no died grass laying around in the Cemetery. I go to the other two Cemetery and the grass was mowed but not blowne off and died grass was everywhere. Why can't the same care be given to all Cemeteries and guess what it's blacks who are doing the work and there Cemeteries or the worse. That's crazy.

  3. Race only plays a factor if YOU let it.

  4. Do you always have to make things about race! White or Black who cares, if they need help and I can give it to them , I would in a heart beat!

    No infant baby or child and mother should ever be done that way! It's not acceptable and should not be tolerated at ALL!
    We are Lumberton! In order for things to CHANGE we need to take a lesson from our youth!!!
    Yes, I said our youth!!
    I was born and raised here, Graduated from Lumberton High and now raising a family of my own right here in Lumberton!

    My parents raised me to respect everyone!!! Referring to all RACE.
    My dad's parents did the same. Good hearted people who treated every skin color the same . Even tho it was very much frowned upon .
    My mother did not have the same up bringing. Her father was a cruel heartless racist! She grew up with all that nonsense and she actually turned out being totally and completely opposite of her father. ( thank goodness).

    Now that I have my own children it is a major goal to make sure they have the same respect for all humans! My teenage daughter has many friends that are a different race!!
    BtW we are a white family.
    Now, My daughter and her best friend who is a black female get along so well and they really open up to me about topics like this. They don't understand and I quote' "why everything has to be about color because God put us all here for a reason . God also wants us all to be one. " The girls also had tears in their eyes and believe with all their heart that your soul should define who you are, not the color of your skin.
    I sat there and listened so they could get out their anger and resentment they have towards judgmental Adults !
    I just wanted to share that story with you because we as adults have got to stop this nonsense about the color of one's skin! Go interview these teens . And I promise you will feel relieved to know that one day our youth will put a stop to this and put Lumberton back together again.

    One more thing. I live about 2 maybe 1 1/2 miles from the police station . There was an incident infront of my home in HWY 13. The law had to be called and Lt. Daniel Wilczek responded in what seemed like seconds but was a no more that one miniute. He got the situation under control and handled it professionally. Now had Daniel needed back up immediately he would have been screwd. It took a Lamar County Sheriff around 30 minutes to get there. I was shocked ! Now that I have seen it with my own eyes the danger we could face and our officers working alone it's crazy!!!! Suicide! Our police protect us but we need to protect them as well!!! Sending them out alone is just plain stupid!!!

  5. His family knows exactly where he's hiding. He's either in Jackson or New Orleans.


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