Review of Special Called Meeting

Gary Hickman tried to bring clarity on the 2014 FAA-AIP Grant application and acquisition of parcels 1 and 3. After a lengthy discussion, Cora Rogers still didn't know what was going on and so she voted against several projects. But that was actually a smart decision because when all is said and done, the project totals will be $246,176 and the City of Lumberton must pay 5% because it's a matching grant. So, the city will actually have to pay $24,618 but half will be reimbursed by MDOT. Keep in mind, our city gets $8,500 year in rental fees from Gold Coast. So, you do the math.

At the recommendation of city attorney, Lindsey Carter, the board accepted the contract from McNeil-Rhodes for a grant application for energy improvements to the water system. The board approved hiring one additional police officer. I will post the video of that discussion on Facebook. The board then voted to go into executive session. The board used the records room because they claim the old room was bugged but they didn't turn the alleged evidence over to the police for further investigation. After exiting executive session, the board returned and said no action was taken.

Contrary to what the board think, discussions in executive session are not private; it's just a way for cowardly politicians to throw rocks while hiding their hands. It seems that our city clerk, Merlene Wall, is upset with the chairperson of the planning and zoning committe and Kent Crider, Jay McGraw, Ben Winston and Cora Rogers are using the word of a liar as a bases for their plan to disband the planning and zoning committed....again. Now I know why Stanley Rayborn was at the meeting. It seems that some committee members are upset that they don't meet monthly but the committed decided, at their first meeting, they would meet when necessary. If the board and Merlene does not like the lack of meetings, then they should bring business to the city and that would necessitate regular meetings. Besides, there were two other committee members, including the chairperson, at the meeting. Why didn't the board call them into executive session to discuss their concerns? Because they're cowards. Everytime someone point out that Merlene does not know what she's doing, she want to get rid of them. She's upset because the planning committed chairperson instructed her to stop giving out her phone number for questions that could be or should be easily answered by one of the clerks. Merlene has the zoning map and other public records under lock.and key. If her post-menopausal brain cannot look at a zoning map and tell a caller how the South Lamar Industrial Park is zoned, then send her back to Shady Acres. So, instead of doing the non she's paid to do, she pass the buck and give out the chairperson's personal telephone number. In order to get information from Merlene, we're required to put our request in writing. Why the same is not required with zoning questions? And while I'm on the subject, the planning and zoning committee is comprised of unpaid volunteers, why are they discussing a committee member in executive session as a personnel issue? I guess I better stop while I'm ahead before Merlene try to banish me from city hall with a clerical decree. So, when you get back in the office in the morning, you might want to do a sweep of the records room because it might be bugged too.


  1. You a bad man. The people of Lumberton may not listen to you but the fact that you have the board running from room to room means you got them by the balls . They scared of you. I guess the pen is mighty.

  2. Bugging rooms? Can you say paranoid? Why would someone be so paranoid if they were doing everything according to the law? When you are doing right and telling the truth then there is no need to be paranoid. This just makes everyone saying the room is bugged sound insane. What they don't want to admit is that someone is just going and telling what has been said. You don't need bugs when you have people willing to run and tell everything.


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