Lumberton Public Library: A Hub of Activities

When was the last time you visited the library? If you haven't been in a while, let me tell you, a lot has changed. The Library is a hub of knowledge, culture, and communication. Without your loyalty and support, this free and accessible public service simply would not survive. Federal funding covers only a fraction of our expenses. The ongoing support of patrons like you determines what the Library is today and what it will be in years to come. And because the patrons are as diverse as their collections, there's a variety of ways for you to get involved. The Lumberton Library has a warm, welcoming environment. Usually whenever you walk through the front doors, Sherri greets you with a smile and a hello! There's computers, a teen center, a reading room, local newspapers, video games, board games, Wi-Fi access and of course, books. The library offers a lot of services including but not limited to chair exercise, book clubs, and game nights. Bunco anyone? The library also offers a wonderful Summer Reading program. This program is sponsored by fundraisers through the Lumberton Friends of the Library. Membership is only $5/year and you get extra services, like extended check out times, by becoming a member. One of the biggest fundraisers is scheduled to take place next month; the Jail and Bail Fundraiser. For more information about the Lumberton Public Library, please visit their Facebook page for more updates.


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