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I received a request to search the minutes from 2000-2006 because of the belief that we had only three police officers during this time. It seems that it's easier to find a unicorn than it is to pinpoint a time when Lumberton had only three police officers. It seems that it's a figment of people's imagination. Because nothing in the minute books has supported this assumption. Dukes said times a ferent now than they were 25 years ago. How foolish! Let's be real for a minute. Drugs has always been readily available in the City of Lumberton and probably any other small city. However, the difference now and 25 years ago is the parents. Back in the day, a child, with no job, could come into their parent's home with expensive sneakers, gold chains, pockets full of money, buying televisions, driving candy coated cars with rims without explaining where that money came from. Today, street corner pharmacists can roam around fresh to death and their parents won't date question them about their ill gotten gains. That in itself shows that our communities are far different than they were 25 years ago.

In addition to searching the minutes, I'm looking through attorney general opinions for information about executive sessions. The board is using executive session as their hiding place and Merlene is using executive sessionto hide her hands when she gets ready to throw someone under the bus; she did it when the young lady that cleaned city hall witnessed too much in the clerk's office (but Merlene's husband can sit in the office for hours, day after day, hearing and seeing the personal/private information of citizens). Merlene used executive session to try and have Betty Speights fired with allegations of stealing but when that didn't work, she slithered back in and convinced the board to cut Betty hours to 20 hours a week, while keeping her two clerks on as full time employees. Now she's lying on the planning and zoning chairperson because she was called out for not doing her job as a city clerk. In addition to the other research, I submitted a request for the fuel cost for every take home vehicle (Danny's truck, Roy's truck and Chief Cowart's truck) for the months of April, May and June. The board made the claim that it cost too much to all the police chief to have a take home car. I want to see what each is costing the city. If you take the truck from one, then take them all. Savings is savings. Hopefully, I will have two blog posts ready for Friday.


  1. Take into consideration how far one lives from Lumberton and if they are on call incase something happens....Will Cowart be on call? Will she need a vehicle that's ready to serve and protect? Will Danny be on call? Will he need the city truck that has tools for the job? If your on call then usually u need ur work vehicle ready set go... How much fuel does it cost each employee? I can see bigger savings on larger issues but as for my job I can see no advantage in having to leave my home after I receive a call drive to my place of employment then get in my work van, drive to my destination after its to late to save someone's home.


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