Is This The End?

Usually, the day after the board meeting, I post a review of what happened. I consider it a service to those that cannot attend the meetings but today I'm not in the mood to blog. The more I blog, the more I realize the unfairness in the world. Dealing with the board meetings has forced me to confront the liars and cowards that rule the City of Lumberton. Sitting through the meeting have me the realization that the neither the citizens nor the elected officials care about the constant decay of this city. In my opinion, silence equals acceptance. So, why am I the onlyIone yelling foul? The fact that Tommy Dukes sat there last night and made excuse after excuse for Danny Davis and the fact that the cemeteries in the black community are not properly maintained was sickening. The fact that no one in the board or in the community have a problem that a seasonal worker that was hired to cut grass does nothing but ride around with Roy everyday. Could this be the reason why the grass crew is getting behind in their wor? How much are you willing to bet that at the end of grass cutting season, Danny is going to recommend he get hired in fillttime because he's so valuable to the department. Last night, Dukes also sympathized with the public works department for being short of workers, despite the fact they haven't lost any workers and we still have a garbage crew while paying another company to pick up our garbage. But in the same breath, Dukes ranted about how three officers were more than enough to patrol this city because Lumberton is no more dangerous now than it was twenty five years ago. How obtuse can one person be? In my Fred Sanford voice, you big dummy.

Jay McGraw said he had an analysis of the savings we're getting by outsourcing garbage collection but he didn't have the paperwork to support his claims. I'm eagerly awaiting to see this set of figures because I don't understand how we can pay an outside company to pick up trash and keep all the employees. In order for there to be a savings, there must be a cut in spending. If we were paying that much in fuel cost, then someone was doing too much driving. The,city clerk lied, again, about why we cannot get a copy of the minutes from March, April, May, June and July. At first, she said they were not signed by the mayor and last night, she said they were not ready because the deputy clerk was out for surgery. That may explain why July's minutes are not ready but that don't wash when it comes to the other months; especially since the deputy clerk was out for a so in June. I'm beginning to think it's moot to ask the city clerk any questions because I'm not certain if she's telling the truth and that's not a good feeling when you rely on that person as a guardian of the city's records. If a person will lie, they will steal and that's definitely not the kind of person needed in an office dealing with finance.

There was an agenda item to hire a police officer. Winston went on about how another police officer is needed andhe asupport this move for the sale of public safety but then a vote was taken and it was a tie. Quincy Rogers and Jay McGraw were in favor of hiring another police officer while Kent Crider and Tommy Dukes opposed the move to improve public safety. Since this is a code charter municipality, the only power a mayor has is a veto and a vote to break a tie. Winston refused to break the tie. He said he's going to wait until Cora Rogers return or try to convince someone to change their vote. Ben Winston should be ashamed of his level of ignorance. There's no way a person that served four years as an alderman, four years as a county supervisor, a businessman and pastor should be this clueless about order. I have a video clip of this coward in action and I will post it later. I know I've said a lot for someone that didn't want to blog but I might well; even if I'm preaching to the choir.


  1. Old Tommy Dukes aka Sweet T. Didn't he start having conjugal visits with Ugg aka Super Cookie, RIP, about 25 years ago? I guess he like less cops for a reason. No telling who he's serving in the back of that van.

  2. How was there a tie? Was Cora and her musty wig at the meeting?

  3. The one time Ben could really be The Mayor and he coward out, such a waste of my vote. I will do better the next time. I don't care if the person is black or white, male or female, I just need 6 good people to run for Alberman and the Mayor for the city of Lumberton next election. I know you are out there because Lumberton have some wonderful people who live there. Please, Please we are so in need of you.

  4. I would LOVE to have the Lumberton Informer as the City Clerk. He would really do well for the City of Lumberton. He knows what is going on and the law. I thank him for his blog. You are one out of millions that standing for what is right and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to inform us on what is going on in Lumberton. We live so far away. I no people are hateful and they say hateful these but I am proud of the City Lumbeton not the Officials but the people who live there and raise there so keep up the good work. PS I love seeing the videos you can't argue with facts.


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