Special Thanks

The organizers of the Back To School Blow-Out wanted to thank everyone that help to make the event a great success. A special thanks to Tina Holder for allowing the event to be hosted at her salon/barber shop and for offering a discounted rate on relaxers. Thanks to Akeema Taylor and Carmen Ward for volunteering their time/services in the field of natural styles. Thanks to barber Reuben McInnis for all the free haircuts. A special thanks to all the volunteers. A very special thanks to the management and staff of Ward's of Lumberton for their donation of meals for the stylists, fresh baked cookies and school supplies and a very special thanks to Mrs. Kim Rogers and the KeKe B Foundation for their generous donation of school supplies. Please know that the kindness and generosity extended by the community is greatly appreciated and represents the impactful power of unity. Because of your generosity, no student will be without school supplies and can start the new school year with a fresh new hairstyle or haircut. Again, kudos to everyone that help with the overall success of the Back To School Blow-Out.


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