Well Done

At the last board meeting, Danny Davis said they were working to keep the grass cut across the city and at local parks and cemeteries. Davis said that they cut grass every other week and they are constantly cutting. Well, it's been a little over two weeks and I drove by the areas and there was noticeable difference; the grass at all the cemeteries was well maintained. I know I'm always pointing out what they're doing wrong but I would like to take this opportunity to let Danny Davis and the Grass Cutting Crew (apologies for not getting their names) they are doing an excellent job and restoring a measure of decency at ALL Lumberton owned cemeteries. Kudos for the great job and I hope you guys continue with the maintenance and upkeep of the local cemeteries. I would also like to note that the area parks looked good as well. Again, thank you for your hard work.

*In the picture collage, the cemeteries are as follows: Top photo: Big Quarters Middle Photo: Love's Addition Bottom Photo: Main Street.


  1. I would personally like to thank you guys. Mrs. Donna Rogers Penton.

  2. Thank you City of Lumberton for the job well done and Lumberton Informer!!

  3. I am loving this Thanks!!!!!


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